Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Magisto, Draw and Paint, Drastic DS, ¿Cuánto sabes de Primaria? and Mobogenie.

Last Monday five new students talked to us about some apps they enjoy in their devices (tablets or smartphones): 

  • TabletInés brought her iPad and talked about Magisto. It's is a video editor. You can create videos from your pictures and other videos and share them with your friends. Magisto is available for Android here.
  • Itzíar also used her tablet to show Draw and Paint app. By using this software you can draw on any picture available on your device's gallery. You can also take a picture from your camera or even paint on a blank page. If you want to try this app you may download it from here.
  • Rubén R. loves video games so he told us about Drastic DS, a Nintendo DS emulator. After you download this app from Google Play you can download and install any game (called ROM). Here you are a link to the evaluation version of this software.
  • Cinthia's app was a quiz game: ¿Cuánto sabes de Primaria? There are six levels. You start from 1º Primaria level and must get at least a mark of 8 to reach the next level. Do you like it? So, try it here!
  • Paula R.'s choice was for Mobogenie. It is a platform or alternative market for Android resources, where you can find applications, games, music, videos, wallpapers, and other types of resources. Where is it? It's here.

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  1. Hi, I'm Megan from the Magisto team. Just wanted to thank Inés for sharing Magisto with the class! :)