Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Class share, Go Keyboard, Mandos Darkgames, Photo Lab and FaceQ

In our class we love apps for our tablets and smartphones, and we love to share them with our mates at school!
    Baby using a smartphone
  • Pilar was proud to show Class Share, a very nice software to create your school timetable and add notes for important events. You can share it with your friends, teachers and parents.
  • Miguel Ángel talked about Go Keyboard,  one of his favourite apps. It is a keyboard where you can customize the background and use lots of new emoticons and smileys for your messaging apps.
  • Rubén B. loves videogames. He is a great gamer so he chose Mandos Darkgames as a suggestion if we want to have a customized stick for our video game stations.
  • Iván likes drawing and painting a lot. In this ocassion he recommended PhotoLab, an app to edit your pictures with frames, filters, effects and photomontages. It is very easy to use, go ahead!
  • One of Alicia's favourite apps is FaceQ. Do you need an avatar? If your answer is yes you must try FaceQ. You will create your cartoon avatar in minutes by combining various face parts.

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