Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Brighton, Blackpool and the Isle of Man (Year 5)

In Year 5 we are learning about places in a country (beach, river, mountains...). Our friends Hannah and Rob send us tourist information about the UK coast. We have read about Brighton, Blackpook, the Isle of Man, pebble and sand beaches, and white cliffs too.

Here you are some videos and photos to help you learn about these places: 

1. Blackpool: When can we see Blackpool illuminations? Watch this video, you will see the promenade, the tower, the pier... and the illuminations at night!

What about a ride on The Big One, the enormous roller coaster at Pleasure Beach funfair?

2. Brighton. What is there in Brighton pier? Is Brighton beach a sand beach or a pebbles beach?

Source: Wikimedia Commons - CC-BY-SA-3.0
 3. Isle of Man. What is wrong with some cats at the Isle of Man? 

Source: Wikimedia Commons - CC-BY-SA-2.0
And finally, the video you all loved at Year 5B: The International Isle of Man TT race!!!

Learning about Augmented Reality with colAR Mix in Year 5's Arts&Crafts class

Do you know what is augmented reality (AR)? You can find it out with this application. It is called colAR Mix and it is available for Android and iOS devices. 
Just download the pictures, colour them and look at them through your tablet or smartphone front camera using colAR Mix app. Surprise! Magic! You will see your picture come to life! 

In Year 5's Art&Crafts class we have coloured Gustafer Yellowgold's worksheet and the pukeko too. 

You can dowload this software from Google Play, from iTunes and from its official website colarapp.com.
Remember that some pictures are free but others are not.

Europe Day project

In Year 6 we joined the IX Concurso Escolar "Día de Europa" school contest. We created and updated a blog with information from every country in the European Union. We also created a mural game, a video and a poster to celebrate Europe Day on the 9th May. 
In addition to this, the other groups at school wanted to help us and we all decorated our classroom doors. Each group had a different European country. In Year 6 we had Finland and Sweden. In Year 5 we had Netherlands and Belgium.
We did many more activities, you can have a look at them in our blog A Bridge Towards Europe:

A Bridge Towards Europe blog capture
Our blog "A Bridge Towards Europe"