Wednesday, 22 October 2014

PicsArt, Piccollage and Word

This week, Aixa, Marta and Adrián have talked to us about their favorite software:
  • Aixa brought her tablet and made a demonstration of how PicsArt works. It is an App for smartphones and tablets to edit photographs and add effects. You can also share your edited picture. You can download PicsArt here.
  • Marta showed Pic Collage to the class. She used the interactive digital board to display a beautiful collage of pictures designed with this App. You can share your collage too! Click here to download it.
  • Adrián talked about Microsoft Word. This software is used to edit text. You can add pictures to your texts, change font color and size, etc. Word is not free but you can download LibreOffice software here instead.

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