Wednesday, 8 October 2014


In order to revise previous years functions and vocabulary we have practised introductions at school. That is something I like to work all academic year long. 
The most frequent questions and answers are:
- What's your name? 
My name's ____________.
- How old are you? 
I'm _________ years old.
- When's your birthday? 
My birthday is in (month) (with years 5A & 5B)
My birthday is on (month+day) (with year 6)
- What's your favourite number? 
My favourite number is ____
- What's your favourite colour? 
My favourite colour is ____
- What's your favourite animal? 
My favourite animal is ____
- What's your favourite subject at school? 
My favourite subject is ____
- What's your favourite food? 
My favourite food is ____
- What's your favourite sport? 
My favourite sport is ____
- What's your favourite ...? 
My favourite ____ is _____
- Have you got any brothers or sisters? 
Yes, I have ___ / No, I have no brothers or sisters.
- Do you like...? 
Yes, I do. / No, I don't.
We usually revise these questions orally at the beginning of the lesson by asking randomly around the class or by interviewing a student every day. They like it!

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