Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Enlargement: we learn to make pictures bigger

In Arts and Crafts we have learnt to enlarge pictures. This technique is called enlargement. It is a very simple technique but may be difficult for younger kids.
The pictures we have worked with are those of endangered animal species of the rainforest.
In years 5A & 5B we have enlarged a tapir and an emerald tree boa meanwhile year 6 kids have enlarged a tree frog and a parrot
Before tackling with the process itself we watched some videos and pictures of these animals and answered some questions orally to connect this activity to Natural Sciences (CLIL):

- What's this?
- Is it a pet or a wild animal?
- Can you describe it, please?
- Is it a mammal, a fish, a bird, an amphibian or a reptile?
- Is it oviparous or viviparous, vertebrate or invertebrate?
- ...

You may download a full PDF picture by clicking on its name:
(Source: Free for Kids website)

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