Thursday, 23 March 2017

Learning about Augmented Reality (AR) in Year 5's Art and Crafts lesson

This second term is reaching its end. So far we have learned about 3D drawings, collages, sgraffitos... but there is still time to use some technology in our class.
We are learning about augmented reality (AR). Thanks to an APP called Quiver we can see how our pictures come to life through the camera of our tablet or smartphone. 

Here you can see a photograph of Iker's Earth map turned into a holographic representation of our planet.
Is it magic? No, it isn't. It's AR!

Angel Manuel is playing with his customized Ford Kuga

The pukeko bird comes to life through the tablet's cammera.

Sarah is happy to see her fashion model on the catwalk.

Beatriz tries to play the magic on our IWB.

Iker shows us his pukeko bird.

Yerai is ready for his party!

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