Sunday, 30 October 2016

Optical illusions in Year 5 Arts and Crafts lessons.

Two years ago I taught about optical illusions to both my year 5 and year 6 groups. The kids loved it so much back then that I decided to try this lesson again with my new Year 5A and Year 5B groups.

- On the first lesson we created the 3D dragon craft found on Grand Illusions website. 
First we revised the vocabulary on the worksheet (mountain fold, valley fold, cut out, colour...), then we cut out the model and finally we folded and glued following the instructions on the sheet.
Download your PDF copy here

 - On the second lesson students designed their own 3D model from the template I provided to them. 

- Finally, on the third and last lesson we crafted Skully, the 3D Skeleton, being Halloween so close. I found him on eChalk website, where you can download its full colour template in PDF format.

Download Skully in PDF format here

You can find many more 3D designs to download and craft at home on NowhereElse Optical Illusions website. There are some other optical illusions you will enjoy:

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