Thursday, 18 February 2016

Pointillism in Art class (Year 6)

This month we are learning about a new painting technique. It is called Pointillism. It consists of drawing or painting by using small dots or points.
Year 6 kids are creating awesome pictures by using the pointillism technique. Teacher Francisco asked them to draw a picture out of their imagination, trying not to copy from the internet or a book. As you can see below, they can be very creative and may become great artists in the future.

Isabel's work of art

Celia's fantastic picture

Diana's iconic pictures

Clara's beautiful butterfly

Emilio's amazing creation

Ana's pretty bunny

Daniel's favourite logo
Daniela's colourful pencils

Miguel Ángel's favourite social media

Helena's emoji's party

Rodrigo's awesome picture (I)

Rodrigo's awesome picture (II)

Alberto's great tritute to his teacher

Alejandro's grumpy character

Javier's geometric representation

Inés' work of art

Natalia's beautiful picture

Miguel's 3D landscape

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