Saturday, 28 February 2015

Programming with Code Studio in Year 6

Programming is a great activity to facilitate and extend children's awesome natural ability and drive to construct, hypothesize, explore, experiment, evaluate, draw conclusions... It also leads to better problem solving skill. 6 pupils are starting to program. For that purpose we are learning to use Code Studio. This consists of a website where there are free courses adapted for different levels: from very young kids in Infantil to 10+ students to adults. And very important too: you don't need to know about coding, you learn everything like playing a game.

If you are a teacher, you will be have the chance to create free accounts for your students and keep a record of their progress. Your students will not need an email, they will access with a two-word password created randomly by the platform.

Last Friday we practised on our classroom's interactive whiteboard. Now we are ready to work individually at school and at home. We love games in Year 6 and wish to program our own game!

To Year 6 Kids: Please click here to go to our class profile. Then click on your name and enter your password.

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